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Esophageal Temperature Probe

Esophageal Temperature Probe

Application Area : Esophagus,Rectum,Nasopharynx

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Skin temperature probe

Skin temperature probe

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Key Features

Esophageal Temperature Probe

•  Rectal/Esophageal temperature probe: Use for single patient temperature management 

•  Compatible Monitor Model: YSI400 Series

•  Accuracy of esophageal probe: ±0.1℃ within range of 25℃-45℃

•  Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with industry standard IEC60601-1-2:2007

•  Length:900mm

•  Resistance Type: NTC/YSI400/2.252K@25℃, NTC/Ohmeda/10K@25℃

•  Sleeve material: Medical grade TPU.

•  Place the medical esophageal temperature probe through esophagus, it can precisely measuring the temperature of body which near to heart

•  The developer line on sleeve and fore-end develop can help to precisely positioning

General Use

Lubricating the esophageal temperature probe, then slowly insert probe to the accurate position based on the clinical rules, it also can prevent the dis comfortableness of patient

How To Buy

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ordering information

Prat No. Specification Diameter Note
ES - DG - 09CE 9FR 3.0mm
ES - DG - 12CE 12FR 4.0mm